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Once a Democrat, Always a Democrat

 Written by John (the other John).

The Democratic Party in the US, the Party of:
  • Slavery & the plantation (exploitation of the labour of blacks)
  • Espoused the concept blood-guilt to convince blacks of their inferior status
  • The Trail of Tears
  • Dred Scott decision (black slaves are mere property)
  • Confederate Democrats fought Civil War to preserve slavery
  • Opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
  • Ended Reconstruction
  • Created the KKK (private militia clad in white robe and mask, while perpetrating violence on
  • their adversaries whose skin colour is opposite of their clothing colour)
  • Jim Crow
  • Plessy v Ferguson (separate but equal)
  • Revived KKK under President Woodrow Wilson
  • Influenced AH and the National Socialist Party with the “one drop rule” (which was ultimately
  • rejected by the National Socialists as it was deemed too harsh of a concept against the
  • Jews)
  • Segregation  
  • Inner City poverty
  • Infiltrated academia, the media, and the lawyer’s Bar  
  • Welfare trap (single parenthood, reliance on the government)
  • Rewriting their own history (shifting blame of their own acts to the Party who ended slavery, so
  • to divert from their own inadequacies by alleging “racism” against Republicans due to the Democrats’ failure of getting black people out of poverty despite Democrats having controlled most cities for many decades)
  • Anti-fact (private militia clad in black and mask, while perpetrating violence on their
  • adversaries whose skin colour is opposite of their clothing colour)
  • Anti-semitism   
  • Reparations (exploitation of labour of whites)
  • Espouses the concept of blood-guilt to convince whites of their inferior status
  • Riots, looting, and burning down cities
  • Invent new lame meaningless words/phrases (like in the game of “Scrabble”) whose sole purpose
  • is to attack white people (ex. “systemic racism”; “institutional racism”).

Today in the era of Trump, the Dems have gone completely insane by essentially adopting a neo-Confederate view of the US by hallucinating that the Southern Democrat Confederates had actually won the Civil War and that they wove themselves into the fabric of post war US. This is done as an effort by the Dems to discredit the entire American project. Oddly, the Southern Democrats were Confederates, and the Confederates were Democrats, yet the Democrats today refer to the Democrats of yesteryear in the 3rd person (as if that would absolve themselves of guilt to their crimes); but the true sociopathic nature of them becomes evident when they then refer to Party that ended slavery as being the Party of slavery. Dr. Sigmund Freud referred to this as the “Theory of Transference”, in which whatever crime they committed, in their own psycho minds, they “transfer” those acts to somebody else.

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