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Racism against white people does not exist, says German public broadcaster ZDF

German public broadcaster ZDF posted on their Instagram account that racism against white people does not exist, and that led to an outburst of criticism on Twitter under the hashtag of "Rassimus gegen Weiße" (racism against whites).

This is the original post by ZDF, and below the translation into English:

"In such circumstances we would like to clear one thing out of the way: there is no racism against whites. What some here probably mean can be described as discrimination. Whites can also experience discrimination as a minority, however, that is not a structurally rooted phenomenon.

In contrast, racism has powerful structural causes, it is rooted in history and can be found in all social levels.

You can find further information on the issue of racism and why there is no racism against whites at the Amadeo-Antonio Foundation."

The Amadeu-Antonio Foundation is, as described on Wikipedia, a German foundation engaging against far-right-wing parties, racism and anti-Semitism. It was founded by Karl Konrad Graf von der Groeben, with author Anetta Kahane (an ex-Stasi informant). They are not interesting in fighting Islamic hatred or far-left violence. Every journalist who criticized the foundation has been described as a Nazi, alt-right, or far-right populist.

Tichys Einblick wrote that they explain to the pupil at a school in Berlin-Schöneberg that he may be bullied as a minority, maybe even discriminated against - but that the insults, hostility and physical attacks against him have no racist background, simply because he is white: "I go to seventh grade at a high school in Schöneberg. I am marginalized there because I am German and I eat pork. It is blasphemed about me in Turkish and Arabic. I am insulted in German as a son of a bitch or a fucked whore. I am also beaten and kicked every now and then. When I get too close to other boys, they insult me ​​as gay and kick me. Girls are called sluts in my class when they wear off-the-shoulder shirts."

Or this child: "My son was bullied by his classmates at his elementary school in Wedding for years. I grew up Muslim, but I renounced my family and my belief. Unfortunately, my son had to feel that very much. Arab children in particular bullied him, gave him maiden names and called him gay because he had long hair. He is half German, half Arabic. The children told him that he was not a real Arab, so you would not look like an Arab. They kept talking about Allah.

There was a real hunt for my son at school and outside. He had to go home barefoot in winter because they stole his shoes, they insulted and kicked him. It went so far that he collapsed in school and had to go to the hospital. He still has epileptic seizures today."

Sources: Twitter / Tichys Einblick
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