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Taranto, immigrants flee the hotspot: Covid is on alert

Thirty-one immigrants fled the Taranto hotspot in Puglia yesterday evening. For some of them (eleven) it was only an attempt to escape and they were immediately blocked by police officers, twenty, however, managed to escape.

The news only became known today after the complaint by the Brothers of Italy deputy, Ylenja Lucaselli. In a post on Facebook, the Taranto MP raised the alarm and spoke of possible migrants (among the fugitives) positive for Coronavirus. “We don't know if they are infected or not, and neither are they criminals. They certainly don't accept our rules. This is the only certain fact "wrote Lucaselli. The fear that some of the migrants who have fled may be positive for Covid is not so unfounded if one thinks that in recent days there has been another complaint, by the Apulian League deputy, Rossano Sasso, on the arrival in Puglia of about one hundred migrants, some of whom are positive for Coronavirus.

To echo the words of the deputy of Fratelli d’Italia also Fabio Conestà, secretary general of the autonomous trade union movement of police, the Mosap. “We do not know their intentions, nor the health conditions of these people who could wander undisturbed in the city or in neighboring areas compromising the safety of citizens. This is an unsustainable situation and needs urgent action, "the unionist underlined in a press release.

According to Conestà "The law enforcement agencies are doing an immense job which, unfortunately, is rendered vain by unfortunate choices made by the Government in terms of reception." and appeals to the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese and to the police chief, Franco Gabrielli, "so that the attention on the landings and especially with regard to the health belt is maximum. After months of lockdown that has forced us to fine even those who took a breath of fresh air, we cannot afford another block and the spread of infections due to those who do not want to know how to respect the rules with government approval. "

At the root of all this is another problem. Law enforcement personnel within the first reception facility in Taranto seem to be significantly lower than the number of guests. According to Ylenja Lucaselli's words on Facebook: "In total there should be around two hundred and fifty (immigrants, ed) against fifty of the police".

It is not the first time that the first reception and identification center for refugees set up in the port of the Apulian capital in the shadow of the chimneys of the steel plant, has risen to the headlines. Already in 2016, shortly after its opening, seven hundred migrants were welcomed into the structure, twice the number allowed. Now, however, it is not so much the numbers of presences in the refugee center that are frightening, but the bogeyman of Covid. In Puglia, Coronavirus positives are on the rise again (fifteen in the last two days after about a month of zero infections) and the health conditions of immigrants who have fled the hotspot are unknown. They arrived in Taranto only a few days ago, according to what is read on the Ansa, from Lampedusa and it seems they were waiting to be sent to other centers after identification.

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