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While We Slept

Written by John (the other John).

While we slept:
  • Communists from Europe came to the US to teach in its Universities
  • Generation after generation after generation of University graduates trained in Communist ideology infiltrated our:
o Academia at all levels
o Media
o Hollywood
o Big tech
o The lawyer’s Bar and the Judiciary
o Government & Legislatures
o Etc...
  • Immigration laws were changed in the 1960s to allow alien people to seek citizenship into the US by the tens of millions
  • The welfare-State (a/k/a “the single mother State”) monetized the breeding of kids out-of-wedlock, thereby exponentially magnifying the number of single-parent kids
  • Affirmative Action programs gave preference to non-whites for jobs and University placements
  • Blacks whose descendants were previously enslaved by Democrats and freed by Republicans suddenly shifted to becoming Democrats
  • The riots of the 1960s made it clear that vengeance was sought against whites
  • Mexican and other Central Americans crossed the US border by tens of millions
  • Persons born on US soil from parents who entered illegally became US citizens, thus the buffet cart of welfare programs was at their disposal (thus supporting Democrats who want more welfare programs)
  • American manufacturing went abroad to places like China, so a major source of employment was forever lost
  • Hollywood made it a fad to portray white people as evil or buffoons
  • Former Republican States (such as California) shifted to becoming Democrat due to the new demographics (and will for all eternity never become Republican again)
  • An elected President was victim to an attempted coup
  • Sports organizations and athletes began promoting anti-American causes
  • Corporations followed the money-trail, and like a casino roulette-wheel, they bet on black instead of white, and they financially support all anti-American causes
  • Academia, media, Hollywood, big tech, lawyers, Judges, Government, sports, and corporations all somehow colluded by promoting the same anti-American agenda
  • Violent anarchist mobs of whites and blacks have essentially been given “qualified immunity” by having a license to loot, arson, intimidate, destroy public and private property, etc…, all without consequence
  • Movements to abolish the police
  • Police kneeling to the mobs
  • Republican politicians trembling to these events and surrendering to the mobs
  • Whites washing the feet of BLM members
Now that we are waking up after nearly a century of these events having occurred and us having done nothing about it, only now do we realize that there is an election this year for the President (a person who warned us of this four years ago). But we did not do anything because we were asleep. Now that we are awake, it may be too late, because there is not much we can do about it due to us being outnumbered, out-financed, and severely unprepared.

So reads our gravestone: “Here lies....; asleep for a century, awaken too late...”
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