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Anti-Corona demonstration in Berlin: a group tried to storm the Reichstag

Written by Mr. Currywurst.

Taking advantage of the fact that today I was in the center of Berlin, I was able to closely witness the demonstration organized by the Querdenker 711 group against the measures adopted by the government in the fight against the Coronavirus. It is believed that there were more than 38,000 people.

Here, my experience:

Although, first of all, an important clarification from me. I do not doubt the risk of Covid and I do not embrace conspiracy theories of any kind, I do agree, however, that many governments are taking advantage of the situation to carry out some political movements and social control, which in other circumstances would be totally rejected by the population, but that is more complex and is not the purpose of this article.

I started by walking down Friedrichstraße to Unter den Linden, and from there, straight through the Brandenburg Gate and beyond, to the Victory Column.

What I saw were mostly family and friend groups. The majority in clear opposition to the measures against the Covid because they consider them a violation of individual rights. Others consider the virus to be a hoax. In the group of people I also saw many with the symbol of Qanon, and near the police some right-wing activists (from the Reichsbürger movement). There were also some detainees, three people around me, but I never knew why. The police simply threw themselves on top of them without a clear action to justify it, at least I couldn't see it. According to the people present there, there were some left-wing agitators who got infiltrated.

Near the Brandenburg Gate, on one side of Straße des 17. Juni was Antifa.
I saw people dancing, singing. Waving to Antifa, while they shouted "we're together against the Nazis!", "Alerta, alerta, antifascista!" and "shut the fuck up Nazi!"

There were some minor incidents, and the police response was brutal in some cases. Something that is not seen when the violence originates in the movements of the left, but the situation worsened by around 7pm when a group of the far-right Reichsbürger movement went to the German parliament.

"'Storm the Reichstag' - some corona deniers had dreamed of this for weeks. Today several hundred protesters got serious. The police were briefly overwhelmed."

Hundreds of protesters attempted to storm Germany's parliament building, the Reichstag.

Many journalists were wearing protective gear and helmets, as if they were war reporters. Something they were waiting for.

This leads me to bring up the subject of double standards. The German government and various politicians celebrated and encouraged social protests against police violence in the United States. They supported the protests of left-wing activists, but they criticized and wanted to stop this protest not for health reasons, but for political reasons. This attitude made things worse in such a way that many of the people I saw believe in the risk of Covid, but used the march as an excuse to oppose the Merkel government.

Everyone knows that this is the case. Hence, various activists and the media refer to the protesters as Nazis and far-right activists.

In short, I think that this protest and the failed attempt to ban it, as well as the police violence and the growing social tension in the continent could be the beginning of major conflicts in the streets. If the German government is concerned about the spread of the Covid, then they should ban all protests, regardless of any ideology but we all know that they won't do that.
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