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“Asian People Stealing Black Culture Again!” – Black Muslim Woman Berates Asian Boba Tea Store Owner For Not Being “Black-Owned”

A black Muslim woman berated an Asian Boba tea store owner in Aurora, Colorado on Friday for not being “black owned.”

The black Muslima accused the Asians of “stealing black culture” and then turned her ire toward a black customer who was defending the store owners and called him a “coon.”

“This establishment is not black-owned, but you’re stealing black culture,” the Muslima said. “Is this not black culture? Trap Tea…”

“No! You’re thieves! Asian people stealing black culture once again! Once again!” she said. “It’s okay, you’ll be exposed though! You’re not black-owned! You’re stealing black culture!”

The Muslim woman in the video who berated the Asian Boba store in Aurora, Colorado for not being “black-owned” is 23-year-old Alewia Tola Roba, from Denver.

Boba tea or “Bubble tea” was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, but the Muslima had a problem with the name of the shop, “Trap Tea.” Trap Tea released a statement on Instagram this weekend addressing the incident and the both backlash and support they received.

Today has been an interesting day and we have received a ton of exposure. Some good and some bad but at the end of the day we want everyone to know that trap tea is about love and bringing everyone together. The name came from the appreciation of black southern culture and the grind , hustle , and drive that we put into the brand and the friends and family we have collaborated with to make that possible. The logo is a flip on the dragon ball z kame house from the popular anime show. We just want to know we don’t hate anyone and we spoke about the situation and we told her about our ideas and plans for the future. We explained that again this was about appreciation of the culture and bringing a dope spin for everyone to come enjoy something new. While also collaborating with other minorities with pop ups , merch ideas , and food to also support the community. We currently work with creative director Maurice Anderson ( @underratedphotography ) on projects and ideas and we have a mural planned showing our appreciation. Let’s keep working together as a unit. Appreciate you all for the love and support. - trap tea
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Source: Gateway Pundit
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