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Author Vicky Osterweil, and a justification for looting

A couple of days ago Natalie Escobar Assistant Editor of "Code Switch" (a radio show obsessed with race) which is aired by NPR, had an interview with Vicky Osterweil, author of the book In Defense of Looting. The title says it all, but the most interesting part of the interview is when Osterweil is asked about what she would say to people who are concerned about essential places like grocery stores or pharmacies being attacked.

This is her answer:
When it comes to small business, family owned business or locally owned business, they are no more likely to provide worker protections. They are no more likely to have to provide good stuff for the community than big businesses. It's actually a Republican myth that has, over the last 20 years, really crawled into even leftist discourse: that the small business owner must be respected, that the small business owner creates jobs and is part of the community. But that's actually a right-wing myth.
This brainwashing and obsession to find enemies where there are none, has made the left nothing more than a fascist group that has turned against the worker.

Source: NPR
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