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Berlin: Will Senator Geisel delay the pacification of Rigaer Strasse?

Not only the sale of the Rigaer 94 is apparently thwarted, but also the evacuation and subsequent proper leasing, says Gunnar Schupelius.

According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the residential building in Rigaer Straße 94 (Friedrichshain) is a “central institution of Berlin's autonomous scene prepared for violence”.

According to the Interior Senator, violent criminals hide in the house and are not followed there by the police.

How can this state of affairs actually be tolerated, is the Interior Senator looking for a solution to end the lawless state? Yes, his spokesman wrote to us, "pacifying Rigaer Straße 94 is a very important matter for the interior senator and the entire senate."

What should this pacification look like? In response to this question, Interior Senator Geisel (SPD) repeats his already known suggestion: "One solution could be for the State of Berlin to buy the property in order to have an owner capable of acting."

There has long been a "capable owner". He lives in Berlin, but remains anonymous because he's scared. Because the previous owner of Rigaer 94 and his family were persecuted by left thugs until he threw in the towel and sold it.

The current owner therefore acts as a majority shareholder through a company registered in England. Geisel calls this company a "letterbox company" with which one cannot negotiate. This company is listed as the owner in the Berlin property registry and has appointed reputable lawyers to represent it. They offered the house three purchases to the Senate this year alone. Their offers went unanswered.

Did the Senator of the Interior look for an excuse by claiming that the mailbox company was not actually aiming to buy the house? There is a lot to be said for this, because the normal way of pacifying Rigaer Straße is also being blocked: the owner would like to return to normal tenancies, i.e. get rid of the occupiers. The house has around 30 apartments, most of which are occupied and some of which are rented, with the majority of tenants paying no rent.

In order to be able to vacate the house, the administrator must identify the residents by name and give them to the court. For this he would have to go into the house and ring the doorbell at every apartment. He could only do that under police protection, otherwise the occupiers would beat him up.  That happened on July 13th.

The owner's lawyers last asked for police protection on July 13th. The request was rejected by the police headquarters on July 16. So the caretaker cannot enter the house and also cannot request eviction.

The Senator for the Interior obviously thwarted not only the sale of the Rigaer 94, but also the evacuation and subsequent proper leasing.

The evacuation of Riga 94 would result in terrible marches by violent left-wing criminals. The Müller government is afraid of this.

Source: BZ-Berlin
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