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Black Lives Matter Rioters in Portland Target Passersby in Violent Sunday Night

Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters in Portland targeted, beat, or robbed multiple passersby, including a trans woman on Sunday evening, according to multiple videos posted to social media.

A young white woman was chased down the street in downtown Portland, crying out, “We didn’t do anything! … . We were just walking down the street and they just started attacking us!” After a man on a scooter showed up, she started running, according to video tweeted by journalist Andy Ngo.
BLM and Antifa rioters also attacked an older white woman, who was leaning against a truck and trying to protect herself.

The white male driver of the truck, which was stopped at the time, then tried to drive away and crashed his truck. The rioters followed him, and when he exited his truck, they forced him to sit on the ground and beat him unconscious.
The same rioters who beat the truck driver also beat and robbed a trans woman that same night.
They first targeted a white man, pushing him as he walked in front of them. A white trans woman appeared to try to stand up for the man, causing the rioters to target her.
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