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Chaos in Lampedusa: "Migrants ate my dogs"

Those who can touch the collapse of the Contrada Imbriacola hotspot are well aware of this and at the same time verify that it has been of little use to transfer about 350 illegal immigrants on board the ship Azzurra, rented ad hoc by the government, if the arrivals continue non-stop. And everything that happens around the reception center is the mirror of a condition in which the controls are there, but cannot be too tight. The structure is surrounded by concrete walls and railings, at least on three of the four sides, however, as Libero reports, the fourth side is precisely the weak point besieged by non-EU citizens to go outside and violate the quarantine. There are at least two holes in the iron net, and going through them to get outside is not a difficult undertaking. Thus it is possible to find illegal immigrants on the street, among those who go out to carry out physiological needs or to buy food, with a potential high health risk for the inhabitants of Lampedusa themselves. The authorities are aware of the situation, but it would be a calculated risk. "If they close the hole, all hell happens inside the hotspot", the deputy coordinator of the Lega Attilio Lucia told the newspaper's microphones. "Like in 2016, when migrants set fire to a shelter".

There are those who only go out to take a walk or buy a beer, but there are also those who are delinquent or dirty and scatter waste or mattresses here and there. Others point towards the countryside of the interior of Lampedusa, and it is here that a woman interviewed by Libero tells her story. For over four years she has been trying to protect herself by denouncing what happens to her in vain. Everything ends with no results while she is forced to free the land owned by her from piles of waste and excrement left by immigrants, without her desperate cry ever being heard. Hens, goats and even four puppies have also disappeared from the fences . The woman has no doubts: "They ate them."

To tell what happens from the point of view of the illegal immigrants is a Tunisian named Karin. "I'm going to buy something to eat. Today, at the canteen, there was a piece of bread like this and a turkey sausage. Not much," says the foreigner, who explains that he wants to go to France, where his wife is waiting for him. The trip to Italy cost "five thousand dinars, one thousand and five hundred euros, more or less", explains the Tunisian, who also tells us why excrement is spread almost everywhere outside the hotspot. "Pooping is a problem: I have to go out, carrying a bottle of water, and do it under a tree." There are not enough toilets, other illegal immigrants say, and in addition to the toilets there are also showers.

Matteo Salvini posted about the story on Twitter and added: "Baffling. In the meantime, the shameful clandestine government opens up the gates and allows illegal immigrants to infect half of Italy.
ENOUGH, the Italians are tired!"

Source: Il Giornali
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