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Dog Urine and Dog $hit: The Growth Of An A$$hole From Youth To Adult

Written by John ( the other John).

When I was a young lad, I had a fat slob of a neighbor who went to the same school as me, although he was a couple years older than me. His parents owned some vicious dogs, in which he often took the dogs for a walk around the block. Although this seems like a perfectly innocent thing to do, this kid added a somewhat of a twist to this. During spring and summer while walking his dogs, he allowed his dogs to rip out people’s flower gardens; and in the winter, he had his dogs Shit and urinate on select people’s powdery white snow. So instead of waking up to scenic white snow, we saw brown $hit and yellow urine. This dude was a total a$$hole who just enjoyed being a spoiler to other people who had something nice for themselves.

After he graduated school, he moved away to University. Afterwards as an adult
whenever I drove by that neighborhood, I wondered if this jerk changed his ways when he became an adult and if he had any regrets to how he treated his neighbors.

Then one day perhaps 30 years later, he saw me at supermarket; I did not recognize him, but he reminded me who he was. I of course was polite and painstakingly engaged in conversation with him. Being curious as to his choice of careers (or lack thereof), I asked him what he did for a living. I was expecting him to say something like he was (for example) on parole, or a truck driver, a sanitation worker; but no, he told me that he was a “racial justice attorney” who sues towns and home developers to compel them to build low-income affordable housing so the towns and neighborhoods could diversify.

In conclusion, what a remarkable metamorphosis for this SOB.
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