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Evangelical Church of Germany: when meeting with refugees, dogs should stay at home.

STUTTGART. Anyone who spends time with refugees from oriental countries for the first time should leave their dog at home, as dogs are considered unclean. The Württemberg Working Group for World Mission (WAW) of the Evangelical Church has compiled these and other instructions in a book.

“I've been a stranger. Mission between combating the causes of escape and a culture of welcome “is, according to WAW, a book for everyday community life and, in addition to basic articles, should also offer behavioral tips for more encounters with migrants, reported the Evangelical Press Service.

Another tip for dealing with asylum seekers is not to contradict your counterpart directly, but indirectly. This is a question of an understanding of honor. Shaking hands with people of the opposite sex is also taboo in many cultures. According to the authors, caution is advisable here. The book also contains stories of refugees and basic articles on the work of the WAW.

The WAW chairwoman and director of the German Institute for Medical Mission in Tübingen, Gisela Schneider, and co-author Anna Buck emphasize the role of the communities in refugee work in their contribution to the book. "Against the background of these growing global challenges, churches and congregations should reflect together on what contribution they can make to help refugees find a home and hope."

Sea-Watch 4 with 200 refugees on board
It goes on to say that escape and migration are a very complex problem and demand comprehensive solutions on a political, social and economic level. "Here Christians, churches and congregations, have to play a stronger role and live up to their responsibility, in the middle of our globalized world."

At the beginning of August, the chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, said he was pleased about expressions of sympathy for his church's refugee aid. "In letters, emails and Facebook comments, people express their gratitude, emphasizing that they have never been so proud of their church."

With the ship Sea-Watch 4 , which it co-finances, the Evangelical Church is helping to rescue migrants from distress in the Mediterranean. There are currently 200 migrants on board, the refugee organization "Sea-Watch" announced via Twitter.

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