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German elementary school makes children march under LGBT flag

Very young children run to a school under a rainbow flag. After comparing pictures , it turns out that it must be the Urschule Meerbeck in Moers, North Rhine-Westphalia. Left and right are officials of the Protestant Church.

On August 13, North Rhine-Westphalia enrolled its youngest children. It is not clear whether the flag photo was also taken on that day. This picture is said to have appeared on a Facebook page of the Protestant Church in Moers on August 19 - according to witnesses, the comments were mostly negative and the commentators were shocked because of the indoctrination of the children. In the afternoon of the same day, the authors deleted the picture.

Commentator Mike D. told Arcadi: “In the original article it was written that the pastor depicted gave each child under the rainbow flag a blessing. It reminds me of totalitarian dictatorships. That shocks me and shows that children are treated with gender propaganda right from the start."

The AfD district chairman for the Wesel district to which Moers belongs, Renatus Rieger, said to Arcadi “The Protestant Church is always on the side of power. At this moment power is on the side of the rainbow flag. Here children are sexually indoctrinated from childhood. What do first graders have to do with the homosexual movement?"

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