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Living in a Bubble

Written by John (the other John).

There is a group of people who live somewhat secluded from the rest of us, who live far away from the troubled cities that are experiencing this current insurrection in the US. To them, these events are essentially alien to them, just another problem in the ‘hood. When these people were asked to help quell the riots, they declined. Essentially, they said that that is not their problem; instead, it is a problem for the rest of us to resolve. On top of all that, US President Donald Trump even specifically asked for their help, and they still refused.

You might be wondering about now, who are these apparent unpatriotic people who are observing the cities being burned down as part of this insurrection. Is it big tech? The media? The police? No. The group of people who refuse to assist are the top military brass: the Secretary of Defense and the Army Generals. As they witness a coup within our own nation, they decline to defend this nation against its domestic enemies.

So whether it is these deep-State actors abetting the enemy, or whether it is just them living in a bubble and being aloof to the coup, regardless, they will find themselves on the wrong side of history.
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