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Mykonos Police Break Up Party with 500 Revelers, Arrest Spanish Couple Who Broke Quarantine

Police on the Greek island of Mykonos broke up a gigantic party which had as many as 500 revelers at a rented villa in the area of Ftelia early on Thursday morning.
Local sources tell Greek media that there were as many as 500 people attending the party, which is at variance with the current measures imposed by the Greek government regarding the size of crowds.
A Spanish couple who had been diagnosed with Covid-19 and officially ordered to quarantine were also picked up by authorities at the party, and charged with drug possession.

Another man who was arrested is believed by police to be the renter of the property; he was reportedly charged with disturbing the peace.

All those arrested will go before a prosecutor later in the day on Thursday.

Beginning on Friday, August 21, much stricter coronavirus-fighting measures will be coming into place on not only the island of Mykonos but the Halkidiki area of mainland Greece as well. Both areas are known for their lively party scenes.

As of that point onward, and for the next ten days, it will be mandatory to wear masks both indoors and out, and all parties and other public events will be completely forbidden from that time.

It had been previously reported that the police force on Mykonos had been beefed up with  a total of 100 officers from the Attica region in order to deal with the ramifications of all the new coronavirus-fighting measures this summer.

A police sub-directorate on Mykonos is also in the process of being formed, and a Chief of Police has already been appointed for the cosmopolitan island. It is expected that this major upgrading of security on the island will be made permanent.

Officials at the headquarters of the Greek police, or ELAS, also informed the press that there are a number of plainclothes policemen on Mykonos as well to handle problems that might occur as a result of the imposition of the stricter measures.

As a reminder, ELAS notes that as of tomorrow, there will be a complete ban on all parties, open air markets, and any other kind of gathering which involves over nine people. This includes any kind of assembly for any reason, both in public or in private homes.

Only four diners are allowed at each restaurant table unless they are close relatives,  in which case up to six people are allowed.

The use of face coverings will be mandatory everywhere, both inside and outside. The rule stipulating that all bars must close their doors from midnight until 7 AM will remain in force.

 Source:   Greek Reporter
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