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WATCH: FS1’s Shannon Sharpe: ‘The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had Was Being Black’

Shannon Sharpe, co-host of FS1’s Undisputed, has proclaimed that being a black man is the “hardest job [he’s] ever had.”

During the August 28 broadcast of Undisputed, Sharpe, who is reportedly worth 12 million, was discussing NFL executive Troy Vincent’s comments about the boycotts that coursed through professional sports in response to the Jacob Blake shooting.

It brought to Sharpe’s mind how blacks are oppressed in America and how hard it is to be black.
“The hardest job I’ve ever had was being black. Because you don’t get paid for it, it’s a heavy burden to bear and you can’t get good at it because all you’ll ever be is black. And no matter what you become, it’ll always be proceeded by being black,” he said.

“It’s the hardest job in America,” he continued. “Because you don’t get paid for it. And it’s a heavy burden to bear. And you can’t get food at it. Because all you’ll ever be is black.”

Sharpe added that no black man in America is ever said to be good at something without it being “preceded” by being black. Sharpe exclaimed that everyone always says things such as “he’s a hell of a black coach,” or a “hell of a black quarterback.” “He can’t ever be just that. He’ll always be black,” Sharpe exploded. “Boy that’s a heavy burden.” Sharpe was responding to comments made Thursday by NFL Executive VP of Football Operations and former Dolphins player Troy Vincent who spoke out about the boycotts on ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin show. Vincent nearly came to tears saying how “proud” he was of the players who have been speaking out about social justice and noted that this “teachable moment” for his three black sons is a hard lesson to learn.

Source: Breitbart
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