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"110 Percent Berlin" the new campaign by the Berlin Police

With a total of eleven ads, under the title of “110 percent Berlin” the Berlin Police shows what values ​​they stand for and what attitude is required in order to be able to fulfill this extraordinary job.

The campaign was developed in close cooperation with the Kreuzberg agency DOJO, whose creative minds know and feel exactly what makes Berlin tick.

The eleven images are also aimed at inspiring those interested to apply to the Berlin Police, and they will be visible in the city and virtually at prominent locations on various platforms.

"Colorful, even when all use the same color"

Cohesion doesn't exclude anyone.

"We want to grow up, not just get bigger"

"Our most important service weapon: talk"

"The respect of the street must be earned"

The title of the campaign "110 percent Berlin" is not only a clearly recognizable allusion to the country's most famous telephone number.

"'We want to grow up, not just get bigger' is one of the statements that proves how high the demands on our own work are. Other strong messages address gender equality, the diversity in our own ranks, the enormous importance of communication and de-escalation, as well as the respect and reputation of the police in society," announced the Berlin police from their website.

In the second phase of the campaign, a commercial video will be published in October that follows the strategy and will focus on the attractiveness of the police profession.

Website: Berlin Police
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