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AfD parliamentary group dismisses former spokesman Christian Lüth

BERLIN. The board of the AfD parliamentary group decided on Monday to finally end the employment relationship with their former press spokesman Christian Lüth. The decision was justified, which, according to information from the YOUNG FREEDOM, was unanimous, including statements by Lüth in a TV documentary.

In the film "ProSieben special: German, right, radical" broadcast this Monday evening, Lüth said in an interview with a YouTuber, according to Zeit Online: It is in the interests of the AfD if more migrants came. “Because then the AfD is better off. We can still shoot them all afterwards. That's not an issue at all. Or gas, or whatever you want. I do not care!"

Lüth: The worse Germany is doing, the better for the AfD
The worse Germany is doing, the better it is for the AfD. “That sucks, of course, for our children too. ... But that will probably get us. ”Elsewhere he says that he doesn't care about Germany at first, everything in the AfD is geared towards being successful as a party. The decision in the board of directors was preceded by an urgent motion from more than 30 AfD members to dismiss Lüth with immediate effect.

The meeting between Lüth and the YouTuber took place on February 23, 2020. At that time, Lüth was still the press spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group. Two months later the parliamentary group released him . A chat had previously surfaced in which Lüth described himself as a "fascist" and wrote that he was proud of his "Aryan" descent and of a relative who was celebrated by the National Socialists as a war hero. Lüth was then given leave of absence. He should soon get another job in the group.

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