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Driver stabbed by Muslim screaming "Allahu akbar" in Stolberg

Stolberg (North Rhine-Westphalia) - A suspect (21) has been arrested after a suspected Islamist-motivated attack in Stolberg near Aachen

"The wanted man could be arrested in a vehicle as a passenger by a mobile task force in Stolberg," tweeted the Cologne police on Sunday evening. In front of numerous passers-by on a market square in the Stolberg district of Büsbach, the investigators struck on Sunday evening around 6.45 p.m.

During the access, the police surrounded a Golf that was parked in a parking bag on the roadside, right in front of a busy ice cream parlor. The suspect sat in the passenger seat and wanted to flee according to Bild.

But the special forces smashed the side window of the driver's door and got the man and his companion (26) out of the vehicle. Both Gulf inmates were taken into custody. The suspected passenger was taken away in a prisoner van.

"During the access, the driver, co-driver and a police officer were injured and are receiving medical attention," the police continued: "The wanted person and the driver are in police custody, the investigations are ongoing."

At 0.40 a.m. on Sunday night, the now arrested man at the Bastinsweiher in Stolberg allegedly attacked a driver (23) in his car with a knife and seriously injured him. Emergency surgery saved his life. The man is seriously injured in the hospital.

According to Bild, the attacker is said to have shouted “Allahu akbar” during the attack. As a police spokesman said when asked by Bild, the victim was driving his car at walking pace when the attacker tore open the driver's door and stabbed him in the arm with a knife.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry: "We cannot rule out an Islamist background in the knife attack tonight."

Source: Bild
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