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Frankfurt Asta wants to get rid of the honorary professor because of criticism of the asylum law

FRANKFURT / MAIN. The General Student Committee of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Asta) has demanded that the lawyer Hanns-Christian Salger be withdrawn from his honorary professorship at the university. "In his lectures and videos, Salger railed against the welfare state and the asylum law, the corona regulations of the federal states and denied the right of politically and religiously persecuted people to express themselves publicly," said a statement on the Asta Facebook page.

The spokeswoman for the “Working Group of Critical Jurists” at the university, Lara Mann, added: “Support for such anti-democratic efforts cannot and must not be tolerated either at the Goethe University in Frankfurt or at any other university. We hereby request the deanery to withdraw Hanns-Christian Salger's honorary professorship immediately. "

According to the Institute for Law and Finance based at Frankfurt University, Salger has held an honorary professorship since 1998. The 65 year old also works as a lawyer and auditor in a law firm.

Police searched rooms of the Frankfurt Asta
The student representatives also accuse Salger of his commitment to the "Atlas Initiative". This is a non-partisan organization that campaigns, among other things, for the free market economy.

Salger told the FAZ that the allegations against him were "nonsense". He defended the "Atlas Initiative", which he himself co-founded. He is not afraid of possible consequences from the university. “I'm not a coward. I stand by my convictions, ”said the lawyer, who was an AfD member for s short time.

In June the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office had the premises of the Frankfurt Asta searched. The background was an investigation in connection with an attack on a building of the Federal Court of Justice in Leipzig.

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