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Germany: Greens want to revolutionize the European asylum system

The Greens are calling for the federal government to campaign for a fundamentally different asylum system in the EU after the fire in the Greek refugee camp Moria.

Berlin "The rubble of Moria is the rubble of a system that we are never allowed to build up again," said Green parliamentary leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt the news portal T-Online. The Greens propose that asylum seekers, after a brief health and safety check, be brought quickly from the EU's external borders to other countries using a binding distribution mechanism. The asylum procedures should only take place there. This emerges from a position paper by the Greens, which T-Online reports. So far, the asylum procedures for arriving refugees have been processed at the EU's external borders.

Because the procedures take so long, the camps are overcrowded in many places. EU countries that voluntarily take part in admission should receive financial incentives. The Greens are calling for a European integration fund that supports regions and municipalities with housing, integration and care.

States that do not want to take in refugees should have to make a financial contribution which "at least covers the actual costs" for the reception and goes to the states that host refugees.

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