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Italy: Plan to remove Christian symbols in the Puglia region to attract Muslim tourists

The Region of Puglia (Pd) has published a call to finance tourist facilities "that remove Christian symbols" and become Muslim friendly: "So that we let ourselves be Islamized"

A series of initiatives to allow the Apulian territory to open up to the opportunities offered by tourism close to the Islamic world: this is the intent of the " Muslim friendly " project, promoted by the Puglia Region as part of the Puglia Destination program and implemented with Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and Puglia promotion.

A public notice was created for " the presentation of project proposals aimed at defining the promotion plan of the Puglia 'Muslim Friendly' tourism offer ". In this way, the left, while our country has to deal with the drastic economic consequences caused by the Coronavirus emergency, extends its hand to Islamic tourism . Evidently it represents a priority with respect to the needs of Italians.

The public notice provides for an overall budget of 90 thousand euros including VAT, for promotion projects that must be carried out between 1 October and 18 November 2020; at the same time they must include overnight stays, guided tours, tourist packages and catering. There is a main condition to be respected: it will be necessary to take into account "the particular needs of Muslim tourists, who, according to recent research in the sector, are constantly growing numerically, as well as having peculiarities that also make them qualitatively very interesting for the Apulian territory".

"We let ourselves be Islamized"
All this was denounced by Giorgia Meloni, who on her social profiles has announced the call (click here to read it) with which tourist facilities are financed "which remove Christian symbols", become "Muslim friendly" and become more welcoming towards Muslims." Among the prescriptions, separate swimming pools between men and women (but hadn't gender been abolished by the left?), Babysitters and staff dressed appropriately (no miniskirt, better the burqa), and a series of other embarrassing rules, now we also pay with public resources to get Islamized ", was the harsh comment of the leader of the Brothers of Italy.

Each project proposal included in the "Muslim friendly" Puglia Promotion Plan will be acquired by the TPP for a minimum fee of 3 thousand euros (including VAT) up to a maximum of 10 thousand euros (including VAT). The news also provoked the reaction of Matteo Salvini: the leader of the League gave an ironic explanation taking into consideration the flurry of landings that continues to affect Italy. "Indeed a priority ... Given the multiplication of arivals of small boats, barges and even sailing ships on the most beautiful coasts of Salento I would say that they are on the right track ... Poor Puglia, this left is a disgrace: on 20 and 21 September we send them home, are you coming?", wrote the former Minister of the Interior. In the evening, after the controversy, the Apulian Public Theater decided to withdraw the Puglia Muslim Friendly call, explaining that the call "must be submitted for evaluation by the Regional Council".

Source: Il Giornali
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