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Junge Freiheit initiative: petition to reject more refugees from Moria camp

On the Greek island of Lesbos, migrants set fire to the Moria refugee camp and attacked firefighters while they were extinguishing the fire. The accommodations for around 13,000 refugees have been almost completely destroyed.

Politicians from the Greens and Left Party, as well as from the SPD and Union, are now calling for the migrants to be brought to Germany and accepted here. For months, individual federal states have been pushing, under the motto "Wir haben Platz" (We have space), to bring refugee contingents from the Greek islands to Germany on their own.

So far, however, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has rejected this. But after the fire in Moria, there are now increasing voices in favor of a change of course for the federal government on this issue.

THW should rebuild camp in Moria
A petition from Junge Freiheit wants to prevent this. She refuses to accept all refugees from Moria and instead demands help on site. Taking over the migrants from Moria would send out the signal that it would be worth setting fire to camps. The destruction of camps in Greece should not become a free ticket to Germany.

Together with the EU, the Federal Republic should support Greece in caring for the refugees and, for example, set up camps and accommodation with the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). In the long term, however, the solution could only be a better protection of the EU's external borders and agreements with the main countries of origin of the refugees.

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