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Racism allegations: textbook publisher removes Indians from exercise books

STUTTGART. Ernst-Klett-Verlag changed a series of exercise books for German and mathematics after accusations of racism. Instead of "My Indian books" it is now called "My Anoki exercise books", announced the Stuttgart publisher. From January 2021, all images would also be adjusted so that "in future there will be no references to the indigenous population".

The reason for this was the protest by parents from Hamburg. They had criticized the term "Indians" as racist and no longer appropriate, reported Der Spiegel. Ernst Klett also justified the changes with a fundamentally changed social debate on the use of the Indian term. “We share the view that students today have to deal critically with the topics of (post) colonialism, racism, diversity and migration.” This also includes developing an “awareness of historical (linguistic) images based on colonial worldviews".

"Present forms of life in a non-discriminatory way"
It goes without saying for the company "that school books and teaching materials present the variety of social forms of life and developments in a non-discriminatory and prejudice-free manner". They should contribute to "that tolerant thinking and behavior arise or can be consolidated". As a “leading publisher”, Ernst Klett is always aware of his responsibility.

Supporters of the post-colonialism current demand the decolonization and the complete political sovereignty of former colonies and want to create an awareness of the alleged continued existence of imperialist structures. In Germany, for example, left-wing politicians and groups with reference to post-colonialism are campaigning for the renaming of streets and squares.

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