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Saddleback College considers getting rid of "controversial" mascot


Saddleback College is considering whether to replace its mascot amid calls from faculty and students that it perpetuates a racist stereotype.

The college has been under fire for its mascot, the Gaucho, for at least a decade.

Amid a renewed national movement against racism and police brutality, the Mission Viejo school has been holding discussions with faculty and students to determine whether to get rid of the gaucho, which is an Argentinian cowboy.

The debate is not far off from the Washington Football Team ending in July use of its “Redskins” branding, which included a logo and mascot many considered to be racist.

Cole Hersch, an Instagram star, received a Zoom link from a student for a discussion about a potential mascot and he took the opportunity to mock the university decision by introducing his proposal: Tittypussy.

Source: Daily Pilot / Twitter
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