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Survey: Germans split on accepting Moria refugees

Half of Germans (50 percent) are of the opinion that Germany, together with other willing EU states, should take in refugees from the burned down Moria refugee camp.

Berlin - This is particularly popular with supporters of the Greens and Left Party, according to a survey carried out by the opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of RTL and n-tv. A third of those questioned in this survey (34 percent) also believe that Germany should only accept refugees if there is a Europe-wide distribution. Only a minority (15 percent) are generally against acceptance.

Several federal states and municipalities had already offered to take in refugees months ago, but they are not allowed to do so without the consent of the federal government. 60 percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that the federal government should accept the offers of some federal states and municipalities, 34 percent are against. Approval is higher in the west (62 percent) than in the east (49 percent).

The political parties in Berlin are discussing whether one-time admission of refugees could lead to an increase in the number of people crowding into Europe. 59 percent of citizens believe that this could be the consequence, a third (33 percent) do not believe it. The member states of the European Union have been struggling for a coordinated refugee course for years.

Only eleven percent of citizens believe that the EU will manage to agree on a common refugee policy in the next few years. The large majority (82 percent) assume, however, that the EU will not be able to meet this challenge in the foreseeable future. The supporters of the FDP (five percent) and the AfD (three percent) are not particularly confident here.

The federal government's migration policy has had a decisive influence on the political mood over the past five years. A third of citizens (37 percent) are very or somewhat satisfied with the refugee policy of the grand coalition. 39 percent are rather dissatisfied and 22 percent are very dissatisfied. East Germans (33 percent) are more often very dissatisfied than West Germans (20 percent). The supporters of the FDP (23 percent) and the AfD (68 percent) are also very dissatisfied, above average.

Photo: Elias Marcou / Reuters.
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