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The Charlottesville Riots versus The “Free Stuff” Riots: A Comparison

Written by John (the other John).

During this Presidential election, we are hearing the Democrats attacking Trump (shocker) by them stating that the Charlottesville riots were America’s shame, and that Trump supported the neo-Confederates and the Neo-National Socialists who were parties to this riot. Simultaneously with that, the Democrats are labeling the “free stuff” riots (George Floyd) as being “peaceful protesters”, and they are the true patriots worthy of praise. So essentially, the Dems are saying that:
  • Charlottesville riot bad
  • “free stuff” riots good

But is that conclusion by the Democrats accurate? Let’s look at the below diagram:

Charlottesville riot1 “free stuff” riots2
Deaths 1 31 as of 3 September 2020 (and growing)
Days 1 from 26 May 2020 and continuing
Damage Nearly none over $500 million in Minneapolis alone
(God knows how much in total in all
Locations 1 2,000 cities/towns; 60 countries
Media response condemn praise
Social media
accounts closed praise
Financial institution
bank accounts closed money pouring in by the hundreds of


By looking at this diagram, any impartial sane person would conclude that both riots were bad, but the “free stuff” are exponentially worse; in fact, it’s not even close. So it begs the question, do the Democrats and their corporate cronies not know of these facts? Or are they lying to the American people? It is the latter. As to this oddity in conclusions, I have spoken to a Leftist colleague of mine, and he said that the reason is that Socialists have historically fought against National Socialists (who committed the Holocaust), thus by definition by them being anti-Hitlerites this makes Socialists good. But let’s look at the below diagram and see if that is accurate.

Holocaust (National Socialists) Red Holocaust (Socialists)
Deaths 6 million3 100 million
Years in power 12 103 and continuing

It is without dispute that Hitler and his National Socialists were pure evil, but based on the numbers above, the Socialists were/are worse. But even getting beyond the number of murders and the number of years in power, the fact is that National Socialism ended in 1945 (75 years ago) and never resurfaced (except as the boogeyman to rile up the Leftist base), whilst Socialism is still around today (thereby making them a clear and present danger today to all mankind). So if we were to compare the above two diagrams, the Charlottesville riot of 2017 and the National Socialism of 1933 to 1945 were bad, but the “free stuff” riots and Socialism were exponentially worse. Do not be intimidated to believe otherwise.


1. Neo-Confederates and Neo-National Socialists
2. Anti-fact and BLM.
3. This number is the Jews killed in the Holocaust. The total people killed in Europe during WWII is estimated to be over 20 million people.
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