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“White Fragility” versus “Black Fragility”; A Scientific (i.e., Fictional) Comparison of Fragile People

Written by John (the other John).

There recently was a book written about “white fragility”, which essentially is an anti-white book telling us that we are all bad people (wow, I never heard that before). This book has become so popular amongst Leftists entities (ex. schools), that this book is mandatory reading for young kids. (Can you think of a better mechanism for white kids to learn to hate themselves, and to have black kids hate white kids? What can go wrong with that?). The concept of “white fragility” was best described by the author as being “discomfort and defensiveness on the part of a white person when confronted by information about racial inequality and injustice.” So basically, if an agitator makes this bogus allegation against you, and then you defend yourself or respond in any way, then you are by definition guilty of “white fragility” for being “defensive” (a slight violation of due process I may say). So if you think you can avoid such “guilt” by not defending yourself, then your only theoretical options are to:

  • Remain silent and accept this (thereby making you “guilty” by default), or
  • Acknowledge that it is true (thereby making you “guilty” by admission).

Thus, whether you defend yourself, or whether you remain silent, or whether you admit it, it does not matter, you are guilty for being white (which btw, being white is a great thing). Of all these bad options, most people will decide to remain silent; hence, yet another method to silence honkeys in their hopeless effort to avoid being designated with this label.

But this raises an interesting question, if there exists “white fragility”, then is there a concept known as “black fragility”? This is a novel concept that I raise because most people are too fearful to suggest treating people equally, thus they would dare not define “black fragility”. So what exactly is “black fragility”? It is when black people cannot be held accountable for their own actions, in which they are treated as the undisciplined immature children of society, and if anyone dare talk candidly to them and/or tell them the truth, then they will burn your f’n city to the ground out of rage.

Ridiculous you may say? Yes, both forms of “fragility” are ridiculous if applied to all people of any group. To blame all white people for racism is no more absurd than blaming all black people for crime. There are racists across the spectrum, and there are criminals across the spectrum. In fact, it is those who accuse others with demeaning “broad brushes” who are the true “racists” and “bigots”.
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