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Aristotle & Joe Biden: A Conversation

Written by John (the other John).

Below I have a fictional conversation between two people who are quite opposites. We have Aristotle (one of the smartest and overwhelming person to ever exist) and Joe Biden (one of the dumbest and underwhelming person to ever exist).

Biden: Yo Aristotle, how are you doin man?

Aristotle: I am well, and you?

Biden: Ok man. What did you do today?

Aristotle: Today I invented logic and reason, and I mastered science, math, and astronomy. Tomorrow I will be finishing a book. And you?

Biden: Today was a great day, man. I pooped in my pants and I fell down the stairs.

Aristotle: Charming thought; it sounds like an improvement for you since yesterday when you jumped
off a cliff trying to flap your arms and fly.

Biden: Yeah man, and tomorrow I will drink a Eunich’s urine out of a ram’s horn after eating a plate-full
of donkey b@!!$.

Aristotle: That does not sound like a delicacy that would be to my liking.

Biden: Tell me, man, does the Athenian establishment like you?

Aristotle: No, they loathe people smarter people than them because that makes me a threat. They
killed my teacher’s teacher Socrates. How about you?

Biden: Yeah, man, the establishment loves me to the point of trying to make me President so they can
control me. And if I win the Presidency, they promised me a really great chef to cook for me. They tell
me his cuisine consists of hemlock and rat droppings; that is so cool, man. Do you want to join me for

Aristotle: I decline. Very well, I shall return to my study so I can invent something more for humanity.

Biden: Cool man, you inspired me to wipe my own @$$ with a cactus branch covered in thorns.

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