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Asylum seekers also receive suspended sentences in the seventh trial

MIESBACH. A Somali asylum seeker has also been sentenced to a suspended sentence at his seventh trial. The judges at the district court in Miesbach, Bavaria, credited the 25-year-old with having voluntarily started alcohol therapy and imposed a nine-month sentence for dangerous bodily harm and attempted coercion, Merkur reported .

The African who entered Germany in 2014 attacked two security guards in his asylum accommodation and threatened them with a broken beer bottle. One of the security employees was injured.

District judge admonishes asylum seekers
In the past few years, the Somali had repeatedly attracted attention for offenses under the influence of alcohol. In 2015, he threatened a man in the asylum center with a knife and hit him with a liquor bottle. For this he had to serve a so-called leisure arrest. Two years later she received another suspended sentence for a theft. He lost his last job because of alcohol.

During the announcement of the verdict, District Judge Walter Leitner emphasized that this time no prison sentence had been imposed because of the therapy that had been started. But now that's the end of it.

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