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Berlin: around 1,500 police officers to evict the anarcho queer feminist occupiers of Liebigstrasse 34

BERLIN. Several hundred left-wing extremists tried on Friday morning to prevent the evacuation of the occupied house at Liebigstrasse 34, some of them violently. According to a Junge Freiheit reporter, they threw bottles at police officers and set off fireworks. In addition, there were wrangling between left-wing extremists and emergency services. The Berlin police said they had arrested several people.

A bailiff had initially tried in vain to comply with an eviction order from the Berlin Regional Court. The squatters refused, which is why the police cleared the building with a large contingent. She went floor by floor and had to carry some squatters out of the house over a balcony. Berlin's police chief Barbara Slowik said in the morning at the RBB that around 1,500 officers were on duty.

Protests since the early hours of the morning
Left-wing extremists had started fires and blocked streets in the Friedrichshain district since the early hours of the morning. The "Liebig 34" building, which has been occupied since 1990, is one of the last symbolic meeting places for the left-wing extremist and autonomous Berlin scene. Her relatives have been attacking Berlin authorities and the infrastructure for days.

In addition to the attacks on police officers, the left-wing extremists also drew attention to themselves on Friday morning with slogans such as “All of Berlin hates the police”. The police placed evacuation vehicles and monitored the surrounding roofs. A helicopter circled over the Friedrichshain Nordkiez during the night.

Residents in the surrounding houses showed solidarity with the squatters, made noise with saucepans and let loud music play. A private school announced on Thursday that it would demonstrate with students against the eviction.

Berliner Zeitung shows support to the far-left
The English version of Berliner Zeitung published an article and a series of tweets with a mild support to the far-left occupiers, but denied the accusation by saying they only report facts.
But are the authors of the article? Of course, a left-wing activist.

Maurice Frank, is the guy, and he doesn't seem happy about the eviction:

Should we be surprised, coming from a newspaper directed by former Stasi spy, Holger Friedrich?

Source: Junge Freiheit / Twitter
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