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Covid Case Study: How Wales Is Being Screwed by Corrupt Government


There are lies, damn lies and statistics. We know the old saying. But, thanks to the pandemic, never have we seen so many lies told by corrupt politicians to cause so much needless suffering. Below we run a case study of the tiny UK nation of Wales. A country that has experienced two total ‘lockdowns’ already imposed by uncaring and out of touch policymakers.

As we can see from today’s headline from the BBC, the mainstream media is all in on the propaganda war to lie and cheat the public on the truth. As the BBC story tells us:

A further 37 people have died with coronavirus, a Welsh Government briefing has been told. Announcing Public Health Wales (PHW) daily figures, Counsel General Jeremy Miles said the sharp increase was down to a “time lag” and showed Wales’ current 17-day firebreak lockdown was “absolutely essential”.

It means a total of 1,827 have died in Wales since the start of the pandemic. A further 1,414 people have tested positive, PHW’s data has shown. Mr Miles confirmed the current Wales-wide lockdown will end on 9 November and businesses will be allowed to reopen.”

Wales will have been shut down needlessly for 17 days and we can reveal that the reported ‘extra’ death of 37 people, above, is a damned lying statistic.

The shocking truth is that Wales is currently experiencing the lowest death rate since official death toll records were first collected among 24 European nations. as recorded and shown for public inspection, at

Using only the official data provided by the very same governments we criticize, readers can see for themselves how there is no basis for the imposition of the wholesale closure of what are euphemistically termed ‘non essential businesses,’ those shops, gyms, restaurants, pubs, clubs, even religious centers.

According to official data provided, we can see that despite politicians and the media bleating about the ‘deadly’ virus, the actual number of people currently dying is the LOWEST EVER RECORDED! See red arrow in graph below:


Two more key statistics further undermine the credibility of the lockdown in Wales. They are as follows:

 Anyone can calculate from these numbers the overall death rate due to this ‘deadly’ new virus, we see 1,827 as a percentage of 3,152,900 = 0.0579 percent.

Source: Principia Scientific

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