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Duisburg: Thermal bath bans tight bikinis due to the complaints from Muslim visitors

DUISBURG. Bikinis with little fabric are forbidden in the Niederrhein Therme in Duisburg. Families with children in particular would feel disturbed.

Lifeguards have their hands full in the swimming pool - as is well known, jumping from the edge of the pool is prohibited for bathers and the Covid pandemic also requires an additional look at behavior in the water. At the Niederrhein Therme in Duisburg, the employees have another task: they have to make sure that bikini bottoms are not too short of fabric.

"In the interest of all guests present, we expressly point out that inadequate swimwear (string thongs, Brazilian bikinis, etc.) are not permitted in our thermal baths," it says on the new signs. Although the ban is not new, according to a spokeswoman for the thermal baths, employees are urged to point out the ban.

"String thongs don't belong in a wellness and health center," says a spokeswoman for the thermal baths. There have been complaints from bathers in the past, for example from families with children, who felt disturbed by tight bikinis in the swimming area. "We are a location where many cultures meet," continued a spokeswoman. "Freedom of movement is not always tolerated by all visitor groups."

Employees are instructed to advise bathers that bikinis are too tight and to request that their clothes be changed. Otherwise, as the explanation goes on on the boards, bathers are asked to leave the Niederrhein-Therme and "wear appropriate swimwear on their next visit."

Photo: Shutterstock.
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