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Germany: attacks on train attendants

In an almost fatal incident, an intercity train had an unscheduled stop in Wolfsburg on Friday evening. A 45-year-old train attendant was previously attacked by a aggressive traveler from Berlin. Due to a previous illness, the conductor suffered a heart attack from the blows on the chest and had to be reanimated.

The attacker left the train when it stopped, but officers from the Wolfsburg / Helmstedt police station were able to arrest the 45-year-old man in the station.

The man from Berlin did not have a valid ticket and, according to his own statement, felt discriminated against as a Turk. Because he also repeatedly claimed to be an State Criminal Police (LKA) officer, another preliminary investigation was initiated against him for abuse of professional titles.

Another incident occurred in Lower Saxony around noon, this time in an S-Bahn (metropolitan train) between Haste and Stadthagen.

A female traveler who had not bought a ticket attacked a 55-year-old train attendant and hit her. The traveler fled at the stop in Stadthagen. The train attendant was unharmed. Video recordings from the train are now being evaluated for the investigation.

"What are you looking at?"
Another attack occurred on Saturday in a train near Sarstedt (Hildesheim district). A married couple was on the train heading for Hanover, the 60-year-old man looked around the compartment. That apparently did not suit a 21-year-old, as the police announced on Sunday. "What are you looking at?" He asked and suddenly punched the 60-year-old in the face with his fist.

A fight developed, both fell down on the stairs inside the train and lost their cell phones. Two young men came to the senior's aid. The attacker fled the train in the station. The helpers gave the victim the attacker's cell phone, which he later handed over to the police.

The 60-year-old filed a complaint and was hospitalized. Officials captured the injured 21-year-old at the train station. Who claimed to have been attacked and robbed on the train.

Source: Welt
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