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Google and how white women are happy

It's already known that Google changed their algorithm to show us images of black people in areas of arts and science that have been predominantly dominated by white people. So, if you searched for "American inventors", "European artists" or "European scientists" you would see images that corresponded to blacks, all of them mostly unknown to the ordinary citizen.

That's not all, when you search for "Asian couple" or "black couple" you will get what you asked for.

But, if you want to google "white couple" in the past you could mostly find "black men with white women". Now that changed and the result you get are white criminals, some interracial couples and then white people.

The manipulation of search results continues. If you google "happy asian woman" again, you will find the correct results.

And here is what you get when you type in "happy black woman":

But something different happens when you google "happy white woman".

According to Google's algorithm, white women are happy with black men.

Source: Google / Twitter.
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