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How the German media covered up a Muslim terrorist

Since Islam became part of Germany, attacks by Muslims –whether they are Islamist-related or as a result of traumatic experiences of flight– have been some of the most banal minor matters in the world in sunny Merkel’s Germany. So much so that the corresponding representatives of the “religion of peace” are being repackaged by the German media as native Germans.

This was once again marveled at yesterday in an exemplary manner in the case of the attempted terrorist attack at the Cologne-Deutz train station on 3 October: The Cologne police arrested a 21-year-old suspect in the matter. There are now only two options for reporting on such cases: Either the often-used phrase “a man” followed by a complete anonymization of the perpetrator’s ethnicity and origin.

Or, if it is a native German, then naming the nationality is not only unproblematic, but an obligation in order to preventatively defuse “racist” prejudices. Therefore it is all the more astonishing what regional media from North Rhine-Westphalia made of the police report: They informed us that the perpetrator was a “young Lüdenscheider”. This remarkable formulation was used not only at WDR and in various Cologne daily newspapers, but also in Der Westen.

The headline already mentioned the “Sauerlander” who had meanwhile confessed to having deposited the explosive device in the toilet of a regional train. His motive is “disturbing” and “bitter”: he had acted “out of dissatisfaction with his precarious social situation”, according to the police; with his act he had “wanted to attract public attention”.

So everything was quite harmless – had it not been for the former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, who spoke out and spoiled the beautiful idyll of the German bomber with a little background information:

Above: "For the sake of completeness: The “man from the Sauerland” was born in Syria in 1999 and has a residence permit as an asylum seeker."

Motive: dissatisfaction with social situation
The man told the police that he was dissatisfied with his social situation. Therefore, he wanted to attract attention. The police claims to have no knowledge of an extremist background.

No threatening phone calls, no letters
The regional train 25, in which a cleaner discovered the explosive device on Saturday night (October 3rd, 2020), was previously on the Lüdenscheid - Cologne route on Friday. After the end of the last journey - around 6 p.m. - the train was parked for cleaning on a railway site in Cologne-Deutz. The explosive device was discovered there.

The terrorist is now free
Since there were no grounds for imprisonment, the Cologne police released the 21-year-old after questioning, identifying and addressing the threats. The man must now answer on suspicion of "disturbing the public peace through threats of criminal offenses".

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