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One Dead After Shooting At ‘BLM-Antifa,’ ‘Patriot Rally’ Protests


One man was killed and a private security guard for a local news outlet is in custody after a shooting Saturday during a meetup between Antifa and pro-police counter protesters in Denver, according to several reports and eye witnesses.

The private guard was reportedly contracted through a company called Pinkerton by 9NEWS, the outlet reported. Another man, who was later identified as a producer for 9NEWS, was taken into custody, but he was later released after authorities determined he wasn’t involved in the shooting, according to the Denver outlet.

The Denver Police Department confirmed the alleged shooter was not affiliated with Antifa in a Saturday tweet.



The incident reportedly began with an argument. The altercation escalated and one man shot the other after the second man maced the first, according to a Denver Post journalist who witnessed the event.


 Photos appeared to show a possible cloud of a mace and a man with a gun drawn.

Source: Daily Caller

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