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Petr Havlík: Chinese exports with coronavirus did not end. It is time to export totalitarianism and spying

Written by Petr Havlík for Reflex.

It is said that if you buy a full cart of goods anywhere in the world, there can be no Chinese products in it. China's massive exports have dominated the global world. Small, large and largest stores in all corners of our globe have full shelves of Chinese products. The main competitive advantage of local goods is usually not first-class quality, but price.

The overproduction of Chinese origin was redeemed by its low cost of labor in difficult conditions, the massive devastation of the environment and the pressure of the repressive regime. In addition, China violated all customs and rules of free international trade and benefited from the inconsistency and naivety of the United States and Western Europe in particular. Today, the Chinese president and chief of the Chinese Communist Party has ambitions to make China the dominant world power of the 21st century.

This year has changed everything. In addition to exporting overproduction of its goods, China has exported its mysterious bat coronavirus to the rest of the world. But there is still speculation that the virus may have originated elsewhere and not at a market in Wuhan, but a local military laboratory. Either way, it has hit the global population hard. The consequences are devastating in all spheres of social life, primarily the lives and health of people (including the mental harm of all generations), but also the impact on the economy, especially in the area of ​​public budgets. Forecasts for future developments are still uncertain. And wonder of the world, its creator, Communist China, earns the most from a global pandemic. Even at home, it has further strengthened Chinese leader Xi Jinping. China has exported medical and protective equipment worldwide, while increasing exports of other goods. The list of countries to which China provides credit resources has also expanded. China is the largest lender in the world and enjoys the position of a lender. It strengthens its influence in many regions of the world. China usually does not invest, but rather applies influential acquisitions in practice, this also applies to its activities in the Czech Republic. Just a loan from Agrofert and a little money from football Slavia…

However, at home, China is pumping huge resources into further innovations in information technology and artificial intelligence. It first tests some specific products in its territory. It also serves for comprehensive social screening of citizens of the People's Republic of China, especially minority ethnic groups and critics of the regime. The mighty Big Brother has eyes and ears everywhere. Monitoring of all contacts of various people and communities is very thorough and massively enters the privacy of the monitored. Chinese hacking factories can apply these methods de facto anywhere on a global scale. China is creating its own alternative world. It is all the more astonishing that these "progressive" methods restricting the freedoms and rights of persons inspire various experts in our country, as if in an emergency. It is not far from freedom to non-freedom, the prelude is usually some bridging soft phase and then a shift to totalitarianism. And it's not just about China today. Leaders such as Putin, Erdogan, Orbán, as well as our prime minister, have various authoritative tendencies.

However, he is now becoming a victim of himself. He is already sitting on a water slide rushing downhill. However, the bill for his era will be our common account, unfortunately. A politician's end comes when he mostly evokes a mixture of these three feelings - contempt, ridicule and, at best, compassion. Alexander the Great is far, far away from the unlimited ruler of Xi Jinping, although he would like to have everything and be loved and recognized by all, and he would like to be one of the most powerful of the powerful. We should not forget his servile welcome of Chinese planes either. Do you remember?

Source: Reflex
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