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Racism: Black chef defends the name of his restaurant in Germany

Berlin - In the ARD program "Hart aber Fair", Andrew Onuegbu, who comes from Nigeria, took a position on the current debate on racism in the German language. Onuegbu is the owner of a restaurant called Zum Mohrenkopf (to the Moor Head). He refuses to rename his place. “I don't need whites to tell me when my feelings are hurt,” the man said.

The name is historical. "Mohrenkopf had a positive connotation in Germany in the Middle Ages," explains Onuegbu. "That was an award for good cuisine, because back then there were no stars like today."

On the website of his restaurant it says in more detail: “In the Middle Ages, the Mohrenkopf identified the houses that served as a royal hostel. It was also seen as a special sign of excellent cuisine and attentive hospitality. ”Andrew Onuegbu wants to continue this tradition.

At Plasberg, the restaurant manager also tells an anecdote with a black man and his German wife on Monday. "Why do you work for a Nazi?" The man asked him, his wife added: "We don't want to talk to you at all, get your fascist boss!"

After they learned that Onuegbu is the owner of the restaurant, the couple insisted: “The name has to disappear immediately! You can no longer use this in Germany! That's racist! ”Onuegbu replied:“ What you have just done here is called pure racism. Because you did not believe that a black man could be the owner."

For years the Nigerian has been asked to give his restaurant a different name. But Andrew Onuegbu refuses and justifies it like this: "I am a Moor and proud of it!"

Source: Berliner Zeitung
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