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The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of Africans: Ranking the USA

Written by John (the other John).

We are often lectured by the media and other enlightened academics that the US was born of evil by having slavery from its inception. It is indisputable that slavery is cruel, inhumane, and evil, but those pontificating to us speak about the US as if it was the only nation to ever have slavery1 and/or the slave numbers by the US had far exceeded any other nation in history. But is this true? I researched this topic, and I found this website: which gave a breakdown of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade from 1501 to 1865 (click on “disembark”, which gives the estimated numbers of African slaves disembarking/arriving in the various Western nations). What I found was consistent with research that I had conducted previously. (See below diagram).

Portugal/Brazil Great Britain Netherlands U.S.A. France Denmark
1501-1600 83,981 112,738 1,356 1,160 0 50 0
1601-1700 104,000 852,037 327,956 184,479 3,250 29,200 21,754
1701-1800 9,235 1,991,362 2,150,334 286,802 157,337 959,170 55,628
1801-1900 687,706 2,143,678 253,678 2,799 92,065 176,547 14,351
884,922 5,099,815 2,733,324 475,240 252,652 1,164,967 91,733

Below I give the breakdown (please note for the USA, America thru 1775 was under British rule [hence, the US government cannot take responsibility for these years because it did not yet exist]):

Nation Number of slaves disembarked in Western Hemisphere
1 Portugal/Brazil 5,099,815
2 Great Britain 2,733,324
3 France 1,164,967
4 Spain/Uruguay 884,922
5 Holland 475.240
6 U.S.A. 252,652
*103,986 thru 1775 (British-America2 ; not USA yet)
*148,666 from 1776 - 1865
*9,681 from 1776 - 1788 (no US Constitution yet)
*128,043 from 1789 – 1807 (legal)
10,941 from 1808 - 1865 (illegal trade3)
7 Denmark

As the diagram shows, the US ranked 6 th in the number of African slaves trafficked to the Western Hemisphere (with the top 5 nations in the slave trade having trafficked substantially more than the US [ex. Portugal/Brazil had trafficked 32 times more African slaves than did post-

Britain USA]). So based on these numbers, considering the extent of insurrection occurring in the US today with these slave numbers, logic would dictate that the level of insurrection in the other top 5 nations would be even more intense. But it is not; why? Are the blacks in those nations more forgiving? Or is it that the other nations are financially poor (and strong-hearted), thus this gangland-like shakedown for money will not work with those other nations. The answer is obvious.

But of course the all-time champion of trafficking African slaves were/are the Arabic nations, in which the estimates are in the tens of millions of people over a 1,400 year period (thru and including the present day). So are there any mafia-like extortion attempts for money with the Arabic nations? Don’t even ask, because Arabs fight back. It is us who are weak-minded and weak-hearted who give even a millisecond of thought into this bu!!$h!t racket-job.

1 Slavery in various forms has existed since the beginning of human history.
2 Ruled by British King and British Parliament (not President and Congress).
3 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was abolished on 1 January 1808 (although the domestic slave trade continued).

Photo: The Society Pages.
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