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Twitter and Facebook censor the New York Post after publishing Biden bombshell

The New York Post has been locked out of Twitter over a story that they published on Joe Biden's alleged corruption. This according to business reporter Noah Manskar, who claimed that it was because the story violated the policy against the "distribution of hacked material."

Andy Stone, a democrat and Facebook's Policy Communication Director admits to reducing the distribution on Joe Biden article:

The story ran by the Post was based on exclusive emails the post obtained, that were on a laptop computer that was allegedly left at a Delaware computer repair shop. The Post reported that the FBI seized the laptop in December 2019.

While part of the story the Post ran was about how the emails were obtained, what the emails revealed was that Hunter Biden, while serving on the board of Ukrainian energy giant Burisma, introduced his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, to execs at that company. It was after that introduction was made that Joe Biden held back $1 billion in aid to Ukraine until that government fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma for wrongdoing.

The story is unable to be shared on the platform, and has the potential to have a large impact on the upcoming presidential election.

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