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US foundation plans to donate $ 250 million for diversity monuments

NEW YORK. The American Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has announced that it will donate $ 250 million over the next five years for the renovation and redesign of US monuments. Old places of remembrance should be added and new ones built. The aim of the project is to pay tribute to social groups that are underrepresented in the culture of remembrance, announced the foundation.

For example, less than two percent of the historic sites on the official list of cultural monuments in the United States are dedicated to African Americans. In Latin American, Asian or indigenous groups, the proportion is even lower.

Shape public perception of history
“There are so many stories about who we are that need to be told. Our landscape does not represent our contemporary and true history,” said foundation chairwoman Elizabeth Alexander, according to the AP news agency.

Often the learning process about one's own country takes place unconsciously and outside of the classroom. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation wants to shape this perception. The monument project is the most heavily funded in the 50-year history of the foundation.

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