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WATCH: Parents and BLM radicals face off in school parking lot over classroom indoctrination


Concerned Parents of Sarasota Schools—a local moms group—packed a local school board meeting in an effort to push back against the possibility that Black Lives Matter (BLM) would be instituted as part of the education curriculum in classrooms.

A number of BLM demonstrators showed up, chanting outside the meeting, according to local news. The two groups had heated words in the parking lot. 


"If you’re a teacher, your child shouldn’t know what your political stance is. That’s not in the classroom, and that’s been part of the problem," Ashley Cote, a mother of a Sarasota second-grader and founder of Concerned Parents of Sarasota Schools, said.

Cote said that she was alarmed that the BLM movement was being taught in Sarasota County Schools, adding that she felt the movement was a radical, terrorist group.

"It makes me very angry, so angry that I want to do more about it," she said.

Parents in the group accused board members of openly endorsing BLM material that was being taught in the classroom.

"That’s not okay, you don’t get to have an opinion as a teacher. You’re supposed to be non-partisan. That’s what we pay you for, we don’t pay you for your opinions," Kristen Brooks, a mom in the group, said.

A BLM spokesperson, Sarah Parker, said that 

"this is about black history being taught as an organization."

Source: Post Millennial

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