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What is the New World Order and who is behind it?

I get the same two questions all the time. “What is the New World Order, and who is behind it?” To begin with, the New World Order is simply a global communist government, and based on my research, globalism (creating a world empire) isn’t a new idea any more than communism is. Socialism, a euphemism for communism, has been around for centuries, and the goal of communism has always been domination of the masses.
Moreover, forget the academic definitions and misleading propaganda we were taught about communism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels didn’t invent communism, and their brand of communism, called Marxism, is nothing more than old world communalism. I say that because, in the Republic, Plato described a communal social system wherein all property is owned by the community, and the community is controlled by a ruling class of intellectuals.
 Furthermore, in the 16th century, Sir Thomas More, in his Utopia, described a society based on common ownership of property. The leaders of More’s Utopia controlled society through the application of reason without religious guidance or influence. In other words, More proposed a godless communist utopia, and like Plato’s utopia, individual liberty and free enterprise were forbidden.

Moreover, in 1840, Robert Owen published his book, Travel and Adventures of Lord William Carisdall in Icaria, in which he described a communist utopia. It was Robert Owen, not Marx or Engels, who coined the term communism. Today, communalism is called communism when it’s not being sold as socialism. In reality, Marx and Engels plagiarized the work of others in their Communist Manifesto, and Jesuits started global communism by teaching it in Jesuit controlled universities in Europe.

Furthermore, based on my research, the international banking cabal is behind the global communist movement or the New World Order. International bankers finance the expansion of communism. The international banking cabal owns controlling interest in major international corporations. They own and control Hollywood, major newspapers and media outlets all over the world. They fund communist universities and secret societies, and their globalist agents are embedded within all three branches of the U.S. government.

The Federal Reserve is part of the cabal

In addition, international bankers also control the currencies of nations. The Federal Reserve is part of the cabal. In fact, they use the wealth of nations to buy organizations and corporations to support their tyrannical globalist agenda. It’s also a fact, that they use agents to buy judges and lobbyists to buy and influence politicians, while they, the banking elite, remain incognito.

In turn, the politicians who were bought believe that everyone else can be bought just like they were. That’s why corrupt politicians think they can buy votes by promising the masses a guaranteed income and free healthcare. 

However, politicians fail to mention that their guaranteed income will amount to no more than poverty level income, and the free healthcare they promise will be substandard.

Moreover, our founders knew the modus operandi of the banking cabal. That’s why they opposed taxing individual income, and that’s why they established a currency system controlled by Congress instead of bankers. Our founders knew that, if foreign bankers were allowed to gain control over our currency, they would use the wealth of America to oppress and enslave the people.

n fact, the end game for the international banking cabal is to establish a global communist government and a global currency that they control. To put it into perspective, global communism will turn the entire world into a global plantation of state slaves, and the bankers will become the state. For those who don’t know, bankers financed the Bolshevik revolution that set up the oppressive slave state known as the Soviet Union, and they also financed Germany’s Third Reich!

Academia has mislead several generations into believing that socialism is a utopia

In addition, academia has mislead several generations into believing that socialism is a utopia. However, socialism is an oppressive system of strict controls, prohibitions and limitations. Think Obamacare! Before Obamacare, we could choose how much health insurance we wanted to buy, or we could just refuse to buy it. Obamacare took that freedom away from us until the mandate was overturned by President Trump.

To be exact, socialism is a form of slavery. Socialism is state servitude because the state owns the means of production as well as all the wealth and all the property. That means the state owns the plantation, and the state is owned by international bankers. In fact, the international banking cabal owns the puppets at the United Nations, the Council on foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, secret societies, and the Democrat Party.

Moreover, international bankers control all the political prostitutes in Congress. I say they are political prostitutes because they willingly sold America out for wealth and position. They don’t care what happens to America or the people as long as they profit from it. They sold America out, betrayed the Constitution and the America people, for wealth and position and that’s called treason.

To sum it up, the Democrat Party was and still is the party of slavery, and they are trying to lead all Americans, regardless of race or religion, back into servitude. This time, however, the plantation will be global because the New World Order is a global plantation owned by international bankers. Under the New World Order, all people will have to work for the bankers who own the party that controls the state. It’s that simple!

Source: Canada Free Press  

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