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11-year old Muslim pupil threatened a teacher at a Berlin school

A Muslim student (11) is said to have issued a massive threat against a teacher at a Berlin school, reports Der Tagesspiegel.

Accordingly, the incident should have occurred on Tuesday at the Christian Morgenstern primary school in the district of Spandau, Berlin.

The head of the all-day school had told the Der Tagesspiegel that the teacher had informed her class of upcoming discussions with parents. In this context, she said that the talks were important and that parents who would not take part would have to face the consequences.

The boy is said to have threatened that he would do the same as the student in Paris if something should happen to his parents.

A reference to the French teacher Samuel Paty. He was brutally murdered by an Islamist near Paris in mid-October for showing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in class on the subject of freedom of expression.

It is also reported that the boy had previously been noticed by violence. For example, after the minute's silence for the French teacher who had been killed, he said, “You can kill someone who has insulted the prophet, that's okay,” the school's social worker is quoted as saying.

On Monday last week all schools across Europe honored Samuel Paty with a minute of silence. Then it came out: In Berlin, some students did not take part in the minute's silence. Some Muslim children even welcomed the teacher's murder, Der Tagesspiegel reported.

How massive is the Islamist agitation in Berlin schools?
When asked by BZ-Berlin about the incidents during the minute's silence, headmaster Hendrik Nitsch, who was also vice-chairman of the Berlin School Management Association (IBS), was alarmed. "It can't go on like this," he warned. “We spoke to the Muslim students concerned again in peace and quiet.” Some of them had seen it, others stuck to their opinion.

And Karina Jehniche, IBS Vice-Head and Headmistress of the Christian Morgenstern Elementary School in Spandau, had said: “We have Muslim students who have been brought up so conservatively and are therefore already so solid in their thinking that they cannot allow any other views."

Source: BZ-Berlin
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