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Anti-Macron fury rages across the Muslim world, with thousands burning effigies and stamping on pictures of his face - after Erdogan issues string of inflammatory attacks


  • Macron has become focal point of Islamic fury after defending the right to publish 'blasphemous' cartoons
  • Thousands joined Friday protests in Pakistan while Bangladeshis called Macron the 'world's biggest terrorist'
  • Macron vowed that France 'will not give any ground' after three died in latest terror attack in Nice on Thursday
  • Turkey has led condemnation of France but yesterday sought to distance itself from the murders in Nice  


The Muslim world renewed its anger at Emmanuel Macron today after the French president remained unbowed by Thursday's terror attack in Nice and vowed that 'we will not give any ground' on freedom of expression. 

Macron has become the focal point of Islamic fury after defending Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which led to a teacher's murder in the Paris suburbs two weeks ago. 

After three people were murdered in Nice yesterday in the latest in a long line of terror attacks in France, Macron said that France will not 'give up on our values' despite fury at the offensive caricatures.  

Today, thousands poured out of Friday prayer services to join anti-French protests in Pakistan while the French flag was set on fire in Afghanistan and others voiced their anger in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia by burning effigies of Macron and stamping on pictures of his face. 

Protesters also gathered outside the French embassies in Copenhagen and Moscow to denounce the French President, while posters of him were set alight in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey has led the condemnation of France in recent days, with President Erdogan suggesting that he needs 'mental checks', comparing European leaders to 'fascists', and suggesting that Muslims in Europe are now treated the same as Jews before the Second World War. 

AFGHANISTAN: Men hang an effigy of French President Emmanuel Macron during a protest over his comments on caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad as they celebrate Mawlid al-Nabi - the birth anniversary of the beloved prophet

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