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France wants to better protect teachers from Islamist attacks

PARIS. The French government wants to better protect teachers from Islamist attacks. To this end, the government has drafted a bill under the motto “Hands off my teacher, hands off the values ​​of the republic”, which is to be introduced to parliament in December. The French Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti told RTL that this would allow Internet users who “spread the poison of hatred” to be brought to a criminal court and sentenced immediately.

According to the AFP news agency, anyone who “puts someone else's life at risk by disseminating information about their private and family life or their job” will in future be liable to prosecution according to the draft law.

Colleagues criticized Paty for caricatures of Mohammed
The French government's move is in response to the murder of history teacher Samuel Paty. He was beheaded by a Chechen in mid-October for showing cartoons of Mohammed in a class on freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, it became known that several teachers at the school stood against him before Paty's death. According to Le Monde, a colleague wrote in an e-mail that she was distancing herself from Paty because she “did not want to make herself an accomplice” by keeping quiet. The headmistress also objected to the teaching structure of the educator and described his approach as "clumsiness".

Source: Junge Freiheit
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