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From Aesop to AOC

Written by John (the other John).

Aesop was a fabulist in ancient Greece 2,600 years ago, who so eloquently wrote a fable titled “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. This story was about a boy who jokingly cried “wolf”, which made the local townspeople run out to save him from this wolf; but when they arrived, there was no wolf. The boy did this prank repeatedly. So one day, the boy actually saw a wolf, thus he cried “wolf”, but nobody came out to help him because they thought it was just another gag that he was playing on them, so the wolf killed the boy. The moral of this fable is to not make repeated false accusations, because if/when that event actually occurs, then nobody will believe it (even if it is true).

Now let us apply the moral of that fable to the modern era of repeated false accusations of “racism” for any and all shortcomings by some people (which is just a small portion of the total population, but whose voice is exponentially magnified by big-tech and the media). For example:
  • Lack of education
  • Single parenthood
  • Poverty
  • Crime
  • Etc..
Whenever these false accusations of “racism” are made, the race-baiters act shocked and proclaim that an entire group of people are “racist” due solely to their DNA, thus they must confess their sins, take re education classes, ask for forgiveness, and offer free-stuff. But there will come a time when this group of people realizes that the race-baiters crying “racist” is a fraud, and someday there will be a legitimate act of racism committed, but nobody will believe it because of the prior repeated false allegations.

Who knows when this day will come. I sure hope that people from 2,600 years ago in a fable are not wiser than us today; but I fear that is the case.
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