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Holocaust museum in Florida opens exhibit on George Floyd's death

A Holocaust museum in Florida opened an exhibit concerning the death of George Floyd.

“We have produced this so that people can come and look these individuals in the eye. So you come face to face with people, so you can really experience the feelings that they were feeling,” said Lisa Bachman, assistant director of the Holocaust Center, which educates the public on the atrocities inflicted on Jews during the Holocaust, according to Jewish News.

The exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center in Maitland features 45 photos of people reacting to the news of Floyd’s death, which were taken by photographer John Noltner.

“The world is complex. Historical wounds are deep. In all the heated rhetoric of the day, we forget to listen. I hope that through these stories and these faces, you can understand the events of our day in a new way. I hope you can challenge some of your own preconceptions and I hope you can see the humanity of each and every person,” Noltner said in a news release. “When I photograph a person—no matter who they are—I strive to leave a simple message: I see you. I hear you. And you matter.”

“When George Floyd was killed that happened 11.6 miles north of my house and I knew with the piece of my mind’s goal being to hear voices that aren’t always heard as well as they should be. I knew that I wanted to go to that site,” Noltner added.

Floyd died on Memorial Day after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck during an arrest. His death sparked national outrage and protests and riots in most cities.

“You don’t just see this exhibit. You feel it,” Bachman said in a news release. “The expressions and thoughts of each person photographed tells a story that has a very universal message. It is one that can heal and bring us together. It shows us we are not alone in our thinking.”

Source: Washington Examiner
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