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Justice Minister Varga: "Hungary is fighting for Europe"

BUDAPEST. Hungary's Justice Minister Judit Varga (Fidesz) has rejected the accusation that her country wanted to harm the EU by vetoing the common budget. Hungary never fought against the EU, but always for Europe and the future of its children. When Hungary joined in 2004, however, it did not opt ​​for a federal Europe and globalism, but for a “respectful alliance” based on “strong nation states”.

At that time Hungary did not give up its independence over the way of life in its country, affirmed Varga, referring to the plans of the EU to oblige the member states to LGBTQ politics. The majority of Europeans believe that their countries should keep their identity and values, she said.

The accusation that Hungary did not show solidarity with other EU member states during the refugee crisis in 2015 is also unjustified. Your country has spent huge sums of money to protect European borders. Hungary thinks it makes more sense to provide help on site than to import problems into Europe.

Hungary does not compromise on the future of its children
The country's history has shown that it makes no compromises when it comes to the future of its children. Hungary is ready to defend this in a war, but also by veto, noted the Fidesz politician.

Last week the EU presented a strategy paper to protect the LGBTIQ community. As a result, the member states should take the interests of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and people who do not belong to any gender into account more in their policies. Hungary and Poland then vetoed the EU budget.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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